Spyglass has been updated to include:

  • Reddit integration: Search your saved & upvoted posts,
  • Chrome & Firefox sync: Search your bookmarks & add pages to your library,
  • User configurable actions!
  • And many, many bugfixes & improvements

Check out the repo here!

What is Spyglass?

Hello and welcome to another issue of This Month in Spyglass! Spyglass is an open-source personal search application that let's you search your personal library of documents.

Create lenses or download community lenses to search through your favorite sites. You can also connect your cloud accounts to search through starred GitHub repos, your Google Drive docs, and more!

Here's a quick video that shows off the new updates!

✨ Major Features & Updates

  • Project moved into official org: The main Spyglass application and code repository has been moved into our main Spyglass Search organization.

  • Relicensed from MIT to AGPL: After talking to other open source companies, we've decided to relicense from MIT to AGPL. We think it's important to keep search as open as possible while also providing a way towards a sustainable development model.

  • WebExtension Support: Easily sync your bookmarks with our browser extensions

  • Reddit Integration: Search saved & upvoted posts!

Reddit Integration

  • User Configurable Actions: Apply actions to a search result
    • Want to open a folder in VS Code?
    • Copy a link to your clipboard?

Opening a directory in VS Code

🎨 UI Adjustments

We've made the library a little more compact and provide better syncing status messages. Any currently syncing/installing lenses will be shown at the top.

Update library view

We've adjusted the search results to remove extra clutter and make some room for the new user actions feature.

More compact search results

🤖 Indexer Adjustments

  • Google Drive: We take into account last synced time & only sync docs modified since then.

  • Google Calendar: We now timebox what events to sync. Events are synced between 1 year ago to 3 months into the future. This window continually moves and is rechecked on a daily basis. Recurring events will now show up correctly as well.

New Lenses

Thanks to Mohd-PH for contributing the following lenses:

travolin for:

Jack G for:

savdbroek for:

c-sonnier for: