Spyglass has been updated to include GitHub integration (search through your repos/issues/starred items) and improved filesystem support (search through your folders/files & file content).

Check out the repo here!

Hello and welcome to the first issue of This Month in Spyglass! Spyglass is an open-core personal search engine that allows you to build your own personal library of information to index & search.

Create lenses or download community lenses to search through your favorite sites. You can also connect your cloud accounts to search through starred GitHub repos, your Google Drive docs, and more!

Check out this short video showcasing the GitHub integration and the improved file system search:

Important Updates to the application

  • 🔥 Support for cached lenses #253
    • This is a big update that allows users to skip the crawling process for community lenses. Simply choose the lens you want and start searching!
  • 🔥 Improved local file search!
    • Common folders are automatically added (Documents/Desktop)
    • Directories, files, etc. are all indexed. For certain file types (txt files, Word docs, Excel files) we'll index the content as well.
  • 🔥 Github integration!
    • Search through your repos, starred repos, & open issues with this new connection.
  • 🔥 Improved search!
    • Search terms are also compared against result metadata (i.e. "documents directory" will weigh your "Documents" directory higher).
    • Result ranking will take into account whether something is starred/favorited and rank those higher.
  • 🎨 Improved GDrive integration!
    • All files are indexed, if we support a certain file type (txt files, Word docs, Excel files) the app will also index the content as well.
  • 🎨 Updated lens library view #260
  • 🎨 Improved onboarding flow #277

Updates to lenses (7 updates, 20 new)

We've added a wikipedia which contains the top 50k articles. This will continually be expanded & updated on a monthly basis.

The main World of Warcraft lens has been split up into more manageable pieces

Unreal documentation has been split up by version & updated to the latest versions

Lots of developer docs for different languages/frameworks have been added!