I'm incredibly excited to announce that starting this month I'll be working on Spyglass full-time 🥳! This has been an incredible journey from my first post on Reddit to quitting my job to pursue this full-time.

When I started building Spyglass earlier this year, it was purely to scratch a personal itch. To me, searching the "web" no longer meant the traditional web search that we've grown to know and love-hate over the years. Often times what we're looking for is spread out across multiple sites or locked behind walled-gardens, undiscoverable and unsearchable. It became even clearer that others felt the same as I built the application, listened to users, and read all sorts of articles about the death of search.

Search is an activity we do everyday for both personal and work reasons, yet its still an incredibly passive action with little to no control over how and what we search. Everytime you switch from one search bar to another to find what you're looking for, its a complete failure for search and those who want to organize the world's information.

With this newfound freedom I (and others joining later on) will continue to build Spyglass into a powerful search platform, with a focus on a truly personalized experience. Spyglass is all about organizing your world's information, making it more accessible and searchable than ever before.


Interested in helping change how we search our personal data? Feel free to contact me directly or join our Discord.